Hola everyone:
Our team in group two consisted of Dr.’s Blaine, Trudy and Jim, Wanda, RDA, Annie, Kirsteen, Nancy our sterilizer and of course Bev and I. Oscar interpreted again for our final group and Jayson travelled with us the last week to assist in interpreting. We saw 253 patients and completed 1158 procedures, including 17 endos. So total for the two teams came in at 531 patients, 2352 procedures including 36 endos. I will be sending everyone a much more detailed report of the entire mission.


We made such a difference in the community. As Ruber mentioned in his speech, most people realize they have front black teeth from decay and hide their mouths when they smile. He mentioned that everyone was going around smiling showing off their nice new white smile. It is always sad that we cannot do everyone, but we have made many people very happy Marianna related a story on the last morning about a young boy (15 years of age) who saw Dr. Trudy. He had what appeared to be tetracycline stain of his teeth. Trudy did an incredible job of putting composite on the teeth (composite veneers) to give him an incredible new smile. He had quit school probably about 3 or years previously because he was teased constantly at school. He walked out of the dental clinic after being finished (he had seen his new teeth in a mirror) and said to the people waiting to see the dentist “Smile at this Mother F”. Not the choice of words I would have used, but can you believe the pain and suffering this young person had put up with all his life because of something he was not his own fault. Now he could walk around and smile freely with fear of being ridiculed because of stained teeth.
So many stories, so many happy results. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year. Know that Dr. Blaine and Dr. Trudy are recruiting for 2016, where you will be working in Achuapa.
As this is Bev and my last mission that we lead, they will be working (clinic days) February 1 through February 12. Now Achuapa is a pretty sweet place to work as they have sit down toilets and showers. So if anyone is interested in 2016, let Blaine and Trudy know.
Take care,