Rory O'Connor

Indigenous and Community Relations Specialist

Rory has been on seven mission trips with DFA, travelling to Guatemala City and El Remate. Rory is an Indigenous and community relations specialist for a producer in Alberta’s oil sands, with a background in international conflict resolution and community development, including health and economic programs. Fluent in Spanish, his university education and community development work was focused on Latin America. Rory has served as a translator and manages some of the in-country logistics for the mission trips he has participated in. As the Vice President of the Board of Directors of DFA, he has also worked on some special projects, such as acquiring land and infrastructure for DFA’s permanent clinic in El Remate. Rory’s involvement in DFA grew out of his past history living and working in Guatemala, and has led to the creation and fostering of many other friendships as a result.

The camaraderie with our fellow volunteers is amazing and provides everyone with the opportunity to give of themselves, face challenges and find support all in a relatively short period of time. Incredible people volunteer with DFA and they, in turn, meet incredible people in the countries where we work.