Kerri Scott

Dental Administrator

Kerri works with Dr. Manjula Reddy in Calgary, and has been on seven mission trips with DFA since 2011.  She has travelled to El Remate, Rio Dulce and San Pedro in Guatemala. Kerri’s professional background is in dental administration, but on the various trips she has sterilized instruments; served on the “sweep team” setting up and taking down operatories; assisted hygienists and dentists; coordinated inventory of supplies; and managed the patient/procedure statistics. Kerri’s favourite thing about DFA is the sustainability; we have locals at the various sites who organize and screen the patients that we see, and who run oral hygiene and education clinics year-round.

I think we all start out thinking how amazing it will be to go help and possibly change a life, never realizing that the life it changes the most is your own.