Janine Herman

Director of Marketing and Fundraising

Janine is the Executive Director of DFA, and also happens to be Dr. Brad Krusky’s sister.  Her other full-time job is as CCEO of Chew Chew Pediatric Dentistry. She has travelled on DFA missions throughout Guatemala at least six times.  Janine started fundraising for DFA before she even considered going on a trip; she wrongly believed that since she doesn’t have a dental background there wouldn’t be anything for her to do. In addition to helping sort out all of the logistics of travelling with up to 40 volunteers at a time, Janine helps out on the missions as an assistant and sterilizing instruments.  Her first trip with DFA was in Guatemala City at the school where Mildred Corona taught, and then working with Dr. Corona at a small community center in a tiny village on the outskirts of the city.

When we first drove up to the school there was a crowd of what seemed to be hundreds waiting for us outside.  They were waving and jumping up and down and were so excited to see us – I felt like a movie star.