Herschel "Shane" Fisher

Registered Dental Assistant

Shane has participated in 8 DFA mission trips to Guatemala, traveling to Comintancillo and Guatemala City. His involvement with DFA began through his relationship with the other Shane Fisher and his first trip led to a career change. Formerly a hairstylist, after going on his first DFA mission Shane decided to switch careers and become a registered dental assistant. He now volunteers with DFA in Comitancillo as a dental assistant. Shane’s favourite memory with DFA centres on a little girl who was about six years old. She woke up at 2:00 am to travel to the DFA clinic in Comitancillo, and then stood in line for several hours waiting for her turn. She was very excited and had dressed in her “Sunday best”, with her hair done in beautiful braids for the occasion. Upon examination, it became clear that she was in a lot of pain and needed multiple extractions owing to the degree of infection in her mouth. Throughout the whole process, she never cried out, just silent tears flowing down her cheeks.

After having almost all of her existing teeth removed, this little girl got up, went to me and Dr. Shane and gave us each the biggest hug. This was the moment that changed everything for me.