Brodie Wilkinson


Brodie was recruited to DFA in 2011 by Wade Bell, the original DFA MacGyver, for a trip to Comitancillo. Wade and his wife were expecting their fourth child, and Wade asked Brodie to cover his role as the equipment maintenance technician (i.e., MacGyver) for the organization.
Brodie landed at Guatemala international airport not knowing a single person. He was greeted by trip director Dr. Shane Fisher and soon also met Dr. Rebeca Smith.
Since that transformational first adventure, Brodie has returned each year from 2011 to 2017 and has travelled both to Nicaragua (with DFA founders Dr. Dennis and Bev Bedard) and to Guatemala. His longest mission lasted 5 weeks.

Brodie has been instrumental in streamlining, optimizing and systemizing some of the physical infrastructure and operational procedures of the temporary clinics. He has also worked closely with Charles Hope filming and editing many of DFA’s promotional videos. Brodie has been key to bringing in other volunteers and has happily recruited other MacGyvers to experience the DFA adventure.

Undoubtedly one of the best outcomes from my involvement with the organization are the close long-term relationships I have built with other volunteers. Not only have I helped impact the lives of those we treat but my life has become a much richer and fulfilling experience.

During his tenure with DFA, Brodie was heavily involved in starting up the clinic at Casa Guatemala in Rio Dulce, and the acquisition of a building for a permanent clinic in El Remate.