Trip Leaders

Dr. Dennis & Bev Bedard

DFA Founders

Dr. Blaine & Dr. Trudy Aucoin

Nicaragua Trip Leaders

Dr. Charlie Clark

Guatemala (Comitancillo - Fall)

Dr. Shane Fisher

Guatemala (Comitancillo - Spring)

Dr. Brad Krusky

Guatemala (El Remate, Rio Dulce)

Board of Directors

  • President – Blake Sinclair
  • Vice President – Blaine Aucoin
  • Secretary – vacant
  • Treasurer – Sarath Samarasekera
  • Director – Brad Krusky
  • Director – Darren Hueppelsheuser
  • Director – Anil Joshi
  • Director – Manjula Reddy
  • Director – Amin Salmasi

Contractors & Advisors

Dentists Who Make A Difference

The dentists who support DFA are remarkable and extremely generous individuals. Some of our dentists are major donors, making significant financial and materials donations to DFA to fund and supply our missions. Others make tremendous personal and professional sacrifices to come on missions and donate their services to the people in the impoverished and remote areas where we work.  Not only do these dentists incur significant costs by shutting down their practices to travel on one and two-week missions, they also pay for all of their own costs for travel and accommodations, as well as the costs of the support staff, hygienists and dental assistants who accompany them. The individuals listed below are some of the dentists who have volunteered their time and services on multiple missions with DFA:

Dr. Rebeca Smith


Dr. Rodolfo Montenegro


Dr. J. Blake Sinclair

Dr. Jan Jaffer


Dr. Sarah Hulland

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Anil Joshi


Dr. Dennis and Karen McLaughlin

Dr. Jim and Annie Thomas

Dr. Steve Bureau


Dr. Alan Ross


Gold Star Volunteers

In addition to the dentists who volunteer with us, we are blessed with a group of volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds who each play a pivotal role in allowing DFA to continue to serve the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua. Successful missions need dental hygienists, dental assistants, sterilizers, logistics coordinators, translators, photographers/videographers, and MacGyvers (those handy people who are able to transport, set up, maintain and fix equipment; set up generators and power connections; drive trucks; and look after the myriad of other details involved in our clinics). DFA is blessed to have a core group of committed volunteers who have come along on numerous missions. It is impossible to thank everyone, but following is a list of “Gold Star” volunteers who have come on 5 or more missions:


Dr. Jorge and Mildred Corona

Candace and Randy Stripling

Brodie Wilkinson

Rory O’Connor

Eugene Malo

Kari Broadhurst

Rod Goplin

In memory of


Janine Herman

Wade Bell


Jayson Wall


Nancy Perrett

Kerri Scott

Charles Hope


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