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El Chaparral, Nicaragua

Trip Report - 2017

Our trip to the community of El Chaparral in northern Nicaragua was a very rewarding experience. We had an excellent team of dedicated volunteers whose hard work, commitment and support contributed to the success of the mission trip. The organizing committee in El Chaparral welcomed us into their community and took excellent care of us during our visit. The communities that we served were very appreciative for the treatment that we provided. We changed a lot of smiles!


 There are always unexpected challenges that occur when organizing a mission trip. We were informed last minute that our interpreter was no longer available. Friends and family of Oscar, our interpreter from last year, stepped up to assist us. It was a wonderful experience and great to make new connections with Victor, Alex and Hernan. Blaine Aucoin, Julian Buchwald and Dennis McLaughlin arrived in Nicaragua on

February 8th, 2017. Unfortunately, our paperwork had not arrived but they were able to get into the country without too much difficulty. They headed off to Achuapa the next day to load our equipment for transport. They discovered that some of our bins had water damage and critters! We lost some of our supplies but it was not anything critical. We had already planned to store our equipment in Managua next year where ...(read more)

Managua Clinic Trip Report - 2017

We are very excited with the progress of our Managua Dental Clinic. Our clinic is in the Barrio of Edgar Lang, which is in the western portion of Managua.  It is a community of approximately 300 families, about 1500 people.  It is a very working poor neighborhood.  Many are under employed and when they are able to work, they average around $2.00/day.  There is a real sense of pride in the community and our teams are made very welcome to the area.  But Managua being Managua, we cannot walk at night in the areas unless accompanied by a local community member.  Even at the hotel, we cannot leave the hotel, day or night for a walk.  That did not prevent our groups from hiring taxis to tour the sights of Managua, or proceed on day trips to Granada (the oldest city in the Americas) or see the live volcano at Masaya about 45 minutes from Managua.  One of our groups saw it at night and were able to capture some incredible pictures.


Bev and I had traveled to Edgar Lang last October with the purpose of establishing our dental clinic.  With the assistance of Dr. Jim and Ann Thomas we were able to purchase required equipment and set the clinic up in 5 days, seeing our first patients on the Monday.  We were able to see and treat 108 patients in 8 working days....(read more)

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