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Managua, Nicaragua

October - Trip Report

New Clinic Managua, October, 2016


Bev and I arrived in Managua on October 4 ready to begin establishing a dental clinic in the Barrio of Edgar Lang. We had been successful in raising funds to establish this clinic in honor of Padre Denis Hebert, an Edmonton Archdiocesan priest who had dedicated most of his life in working with the poor in Peru, the Island of St. Vincent and Nicaragua. He had spent the last 25 years working with the poor people of the Barrio of Edgar Lang. Padre Denis passed away in 2015 (for more info go to www.rootsofchange.ca).

Bev and I arrived in Edgar Lang on October 5 and would be staying in the same apartment Padre Denis had lived in for most of his life in this Barrio.  It consisted of a small kitchen, small living room and small bedroom and bathroom. He had a nice sitting area outside with a few tables and chairs and great rocking chairs.  No air conditioning, but a fan was provided as the average temperature during our stay was 33 C.


Padre Denis had built a medical clinic, pharmacy and lab. It has a full time medical doctor, pharmacist and lab technician. It is a two story building and the new dental clinic would be on the second floor. We had to make some minor renovation changes and had storage cupboards built.

As the cupboards had not been finished, we proceeded to go and buy a compressor for our clinic. The University had provided the name of a supplier that we should go to. As we had researched some suppliers in January, we basically knew what we wanted. The compressor we purchased required a surge protector (Managua electricity has varying degrees of fluctuation during the day). The compressor would be delivered that day (it came the day after). We went to two other supply companies as we needed an instrument sterilizer, apex locator (root canals) and cavitron inserts.


The clinic was busy coming together. You learn a lot of patience when working in Nicaragua. You make arrangements to pick up things, and quite often you wait for a couple of hours for the delivery, but you always seem to get it. Bev was busy (more...)

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