2015 Comitancillo Update

Comitancillo Oct.21 - Nov.2, 2015


An energetic group of volunteers from Canada, USA and Guatemala joined forces this last October to provide essential dental services to many in need in rural Comitancillo and surrounding areas.  As customary, Dentistry For All teamed up with AMMID, a local non-profit based in Comitancillo, to reach out to the communities most in need and to facilitate our patient flow.  Local DFA employees Edvin and Romaldo spent countless hours in advance of the trip to prepare equipment and supplies in order to make most efficient our time in Guatemala.  Over the course of six clinic days, 276 patients received a grand total of 787 dental procedures.  These services ranged from dental cleanings to extractions, root canals, fillings and preventive sealants.  Every patient received counseling in their native language on preventive care and left with a new toothbrush.


On the program development side of things, we had a great meeting with the leader of AMMID who is assisting us in preparing a clinic opportunity for a graduating Guatemalan to work in Comitancillo in a partnership with DFA helping those most in need.  This type of collaboration will allow DFA to grow and maintain an on-going presence with a sustainable model, each year teaming up with a graduating student from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City.  DFA's board of directors is actively negotiating with interested parties both in Comitancillo and Guatemala City to see this come to fruition.


When all is said and done, nothing leaves more of a lasting impression than the smiles on the young kids and the sincere appreciation of the patients sitting in our chairs.  None of this would be possible without the dedication, energy and commitment of all of our volunteers.  A heartfelt thank you to our team from Canada: Wade Bell and Chantal Cole; from USA: Dary Hak, Liz Clark, Idin Zhalehdoust, Michelle Prieto, Stephanie Trahan; and from Guatemala: Edvin Lopez, Camilo Espana, Eddy Galvan, Ansy Saloj, Emilie, Romaldo, Estuardo and Dna. Hilda.  Looking forward to the next trip back, knowing full well it won't be here soon enough :-)



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