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Changing lives through dental education, prevention, and corrective treatment.

We donate our time and services, freely give our experience and knowledge to others who are not able to access care


It has come to my attention that Dentistry For All has been approached by School No.52 (Mildred School) in Guatemala city. For many years, DFA has done volunteer dental work for the children of this school, they made us aware that they have 30  more students than they have desks for, and they were asking for our financial assistance. They need to raise approximately $700 US to have new desks built for these new students. I said that I would like to help raise the money so I came up with an idea.


I came up with an idea that we could raise the funds by having our students get pledges to spend a day at school, working on the floor without desks to experience the hardship of what the students in Guatemala endure on a daily basis. People can make the donation through DFA and anything over $25 they can get a tax receipt.


Juliette Hope


Every day that we think about how we can help, is another day they learn standing, or sitting on the floor.... action speaks loud!

Willow Park School teams with DFA!

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